General Rules

A total of 5 maps will be played, each of 10 minutes, on AAULAN servers in a Time-Trial format, which means you'll be judged based on your fastest lap-time.

The tournament officially starts at 01:30

How to join

  1. Install at link and open TM Nations
  2. Go to 'Explorer' in the menu
  3. Copy and paste 'tmtp://#join=swifthosting2350' into the top-bar and press enter
  4. You should now be online!


Live Score update link

The winners will be determined through a point system similar to Mario-cart, where the top 16 fastest lap-times in each map will be distributed points according to the following graph:

Placement Points
1st 12
2nd 10
3rd 9
4th 8
5th 7
6th 6
7th 5
8th 4
9th 3
10th 2
11-16th 1
17+ 0

Only the best lap-time from each participant will be considered each round, and the participants with most points at the end of 5th round, are the respectfully winners.

Code of Conduct

It is not allowed to use 3rd party software or in any other way receive help from other people/participants.

AAULAN - a part of studentersamfundet