League of Legends

Updated: 04. September - 2017 (Revision 1)


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General Rules

  • All players should have downloaded and applied the latest patch.
  • You need to be present at the AAULAN to participate.
  • The tournament will be played on the European region.
  • All players must provide their own EU account.
  • Time limit between tournament games is expected to be at most 20 min. If a team is unable
    to play within the time limit the AAULAN crew will decide on which action to take.
  • Both participants are responsible to report the correct result to the tournament admin at the crew area.
    If anything is unclear, both participants should have screenshots available to verify the result.
  • All rules are subject to change at the sole discretion of AAULAN crew and without notice.
  • Admins have the final say on all rulings and in extreme situations the rules can be changed.
  • All players must behave in a humane way towards other competitors and crew.
  • We do not accept using cheat during AAULAN. If a participant is found using cheats during the event, the participant will be eliminated from AAULAN. Cheat is defined as all thirdparty programs and scripts that in any way gives an advantage for the user. The only scripts that is allowed is buy-scripts.

Rules for League of Legends

  • Each player has to own at least 16 champions (excluding free-to-play champions) to be able to participate in the tournament.
  • The game will be played as 5v5 on Summoners Rift on EUW server.
  • Game settings have to be Tournament Draft with spectate on.
  • If any technical issues occur under champion selection, the champion selection will be restarted with same bans and picks!
  • If any technical issues occur under the game, type "/pause" in the chat to pause the game.
    • Each team have a maximum of 15 minutes pausing time if the team exceed this time, they can request spending the opponent teams pausing time if this request is declined the game have to continue!
    • It is not allowed to pause the game for non-technical issues e.g. toilet break!
  • The tournament schedule and results will be controlled through the Challonge tournament page.
  • Each team will be seeded which means seed 1 and 2 will face each other in the finales if they manage to win every game.
    • To be signed up every player on each team needs to save their gameaccount (summonername) to their profile on our website (this will be used to make seedings!).
    • Each team are seeded corresponding to the average solo-queue rating of the team.
  • The highest seeded team for each match can choose side (blue or red)
    • In BO3 the highest seeded team picks side for 1st and 3rd round, where lowest seeded team can choose side for 2nd round.
  • The tournament will be formatted as (different depending on 2 cases);
    • CASE 1: Teams that are competing is equal to or more than 12:
      • A group stage, where there will be generated groups corresponding to the amount of teams participating. Every team play every team in the group one time, where top 2 of the group will move on in the tournament. All games will be played in best of one (BO1).
      • A finale stage, where top 2 from each group will get into a single elimination tournament bracket where each game is BO1 until the semifinals and forward which will be played as BO3.
    • CASE 2: Teams that are competing is LESS than 12 OR uneven number of teams:
      • A double elimination style is used, where there will be generated a bracket corresponding to the amount of teams participating. Every match prior to the semifinals both in the winner aswell as in the loser bracket is BO1, after this it switches to BO3.
      • The winner of the loser bracket enters the finals together with the winner of the winner bracket. The team entering from the winner bracket receives a “benefit of the doubt” advantage, meaning that they can, if losing the original BO3 extend the match to a BO5.
  • Each team needs to pick a team captain.
    • His role is to report the score to game admins at the crew table.
    • Also he is the teams spokeman and his word will be used as the teams decision.

When in doubt we will use riot's official tournament rules for reference, these can be found here

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