Information & Checklist

Updated: 05. April 2018



From Friday - 04. May (Starts at 17:00)
To Sunday - 06. May (Power shutdown at 12:00)


Frederik Bajers Vej 7A, Cantine Area - Main AAU Campus
Frederik Bajers Vej 7A, 9000 Aalbrog


Throughout the LAN we will have pizza rounds where we order pizzas in bulk from Bella Italia.


We recommend parking outside the building of 7A, or around the campus area. There is also a parking area next to the building 7H, which is within walking distance of the LAN event. Parking Lot

Sleeping quarters

We have room to have 40 people sleeping at the CREATE building. This can not be exceeded because of fire hazards.


We have 150 seats available.

Info about your seating

Each table have a space of 240x76cm and 4 people will share this, two on each side.
This mean each participator have a minimum space of 60x76cm or 120x38cm. For each participator there will be one 230V power socket available with grounding and a 1Gbit/s network port in the switch, placed within 15 meters distance.
**We advice people to use power sockets and plugs with grounding. This is to protect your equipment and minimise potential power outage. **


  • Lan cable (at least 10 m.)
  • Power strip
  • Your PC with all software installed incl. power cables / mouse / keyboard etc..
  • Monitor with power- and monitor cable.
  • Your favourite games etc. and other stuff you find necessary.
  • Toiletries (Toothbrush etc. )
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping mat / air mattress
  • Credit card or money
  • Comfortable clothes to wear
  • Extra batteries for wireless equipment.
  • Antivirus installed on your PC


You are allowed to bring food, snacks and drinks even alcoholic beverage.

You are NOT allowed to bring a toaster, coffee machine, kettle, mini-fridge or similar high power devices!

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