Updated: 01. March 2017

Brackets: http://challonge.com/csgoaaulanfall17

How to find the server you're going to play on: http://i.imgur.com/9FFdbpA.png

General Rules

  • All players should have downloaded and applied the latest patch.
  • You need to be present at the AAULAN to participate.
  • Time limit between tournament games is expected to be at most 20 min. If a team is unable
    to play within the time limit the AAULAN crew will decide on which action to take.
  • Both participants are responsible to report the correct result to the tournament admin at the crew area.
    If anything is unclear, both participants should have screenshots available to verify the result.
  • All rules are subject to change at the sole discretion of AAULAN crew and without notice.
  • Admins have the final say on all rulings and in extreme situations the rules can be changed.
  • All players must behave in a humane way towards other competitors and crew.
  • We do not accept using cheat during AAULAN. If a participant is found using cheats during the event, the participant will be eliminated from AAULAN. Cheat is defined as all thirdparty programs and scripts that in any way gives an advantage for the user. The only scripts that is allowed is buy-scripts.


Change map on server after veto using the !map command.
*After correct map is chosed, write !ready to start knife round. Winner of knife round selects side, write !start again to start match. *


All matches will be managed using eBot. Matches in progress can be seen on <>

Your ingame nickname should specify what team you play for. All matches are played as 5 against 5. The winner is found when one team has 16 rounds or the match is draw(15-15). If the match is draw, the draw result is reported to crew except when the match that is draw is played in the final stage (single elimination). In that case, there will be played 3 rounds on each side with 10.000 as startmoney. There will be played BO1 in group-stage and BO3 afterwards.

Brackets will be controlled on Challonge. Right before the tournaments starts, there will be added informations regarding how to connect to the game servers.

Tournament structure

All teams will be separated in groups of 4 teams. All in each group are going to meet each other in a match. (That means everyone are going to play at least 3 matches).

The 2 best teams from each group will proceed to the final stage (single elimination) where the winners of the tournament will be found.


Map Pool is updated for AAULAN 2017 - Spring
You choose a map by veto from the following maps.

VETO: Team 1 eliminates a map they don’t want to play, Team 2 eliminates a map from the remaining maps they don’t want to play, Team 1 eliminates… Finally one map is left, which is the one that is going to be played.

When there should be played BO3 should all maps be chosen before the match is started.








Plant of bomb & Boost

It is not allowed to boost the bomb. It should be planted in a such a way that a single CT-player can defuse the bomb.

It is allowed to boost as long as the boost doesn’t give allow the player to exploit bugs (look through walls etc.)

Exploiting bugs

It is not allowed to exploit bugs in a such manner that you gain advantage against the opponent. If teams doesn’t follow this rule, they will be disqualified from the tournament.


It is not allowed to pause during a match if the purpose of the pause is to smoke a cigarette, have a tactical timeout or anything similar. Look at ‘Client breakdown’ for acceptable pause.

Client breakdown

If a player disconnects from the server caused by technical issues, the match can be paused after the current round has finished. The team captain is responsible for pause and unpause.

The match can only be paused when "CT / T wins" is shown or during freeze time the following round. If the disconnected player doesn’t appear on the server after 10 minutes or a stand-in is not on the server, then the match will continue as 4 against 5. Mark that it is only allowed to have a stand-in player that is also attending to the event and the player must not be playing for another team in the CSGO tournament.

Server breakdown

If the server crashes during the first 3 rounds, the entire map will be restarted. If the crash happens after the first 3 rounds, the match will continue when the server is stable again. (If it doesn’t happen instantly, please inform Crew)
The match will be continued with 6500 as startmoney. After the first round, startmoney is reverted to 800 again.
If the server doesn’t gets stable again, a new server will be played on.


There will be recorded on GO:TV, it is therefore not needed to record in-eye.
You can find the demo of a match on the eBot website: http://ebot.aaulan.dk

AAULAN - a part of studentersamfundet