Winners of this LAN-party

Midnight Fun

Rock paper scissors. Be at the crew table at 00:30.

Midnight Fun - LoL Skillshot Game

TIme for midnight fun. Play the LoL Skillshot Game, and send a screenshot of your full desktop with your score to us on Facebook.

Prize pool

The prize pool is now available at

Free ticket to AAULAN!

Hey! Are you interested in keeping AAULAN going, and would you like to attend for free? Do you like free food? We do too!

Join us in the AAULAN crew, and help us continue this great experience for years to come!

We're looking for crew members for AAULAN, anyone is welcome, but we're especially interested in people from 4th semester or earlier.

If you're interested, then shoot us a message on and we'll get you in our next meeting :)

Tickets now available

We are happy to announce that the next LAN will take place from the 3rd to the 5th of May. You can buy your ticket today at

The first 20 tickets will be sold at a discount, so grab your early bird ticket today!

Next LAN

Next LAN will be at 3 – 5/05-2019.
Tickets are DKK 100.00 (DKK 150.00 for non-members) and are available at Studentersamfundets WEBSHOP.

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Building the future today!

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Ensuring a high energy event!

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Staying connected!

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